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Film Festival Day 7, 30/07/2014

Getting up today, the radio was talking about the increasing Ebola death toll.  When I got out of the shower, the news had moved on to talk about doctors working when they’re sick, so as not to put pressure on their colleagues. If this is foreshadowing, they’re being pretty heavy-handed about it. * * * […]

Film Festival Day 6, 30/07/2014

This was my first tight-squeeze day — five minutes to get from the Embassy to City Gallery.  In the end, I caved and caught a taxi — even if I’d made it between the venues in something comparable to five minutes, I wouldn’t have been in a state to watch the movie. * * * In […]

Film Festival Day 5, 29/07/2014

I’m going to Diplomacy on the 1st with C.  Unfortunately, the automatic seating did not seat us together. Fortunately, someone noticed, and put us together.  Unfortunately, they put us together for Dior and I at the Roxy on the same day, instead of Diplomacy at the Paramount. Fortunately, I was able to come into the […]

Film Festival Day 4, 28/07/2014

Kiwibank called yesterday, during my first movie, wanting to know whether I knew of a vendor called “Kickstarter”, and if I was likely to have paid them anything.  Since I have backed 660 projects on Kickstarter, many of them since I joined Kiwibank, and some of them for larger amounts than the one they are […]

Film Festival Day 3, 27/07/2014

I don’t really like Courtney Place after midnight on a Saturday, but worse is bumping into herds of young people on the outskirts — without other mobs to moo at and posture towards, they try and amuse each other with whatever’s about, which generally means you. I mean, I’m sure most of them mean no harm […]

Film Festival Day 2, 26/07/2014

Coordinating groups of people is always a bit fraught — especially when some of them are very young people. Nevertheless, we managed to collect three of my nibblings, get most of their ice creams inside them rather than on them, and sit down for Toons For Tots in a timely manner. This year wasn’t as good as […]

Film Festival Day 1, 25/07/2014

I cut it very fine indeed this morning, running across the road to the Embassy and sliding into my seat seconds before the lights went down. That’s not the fault of Wellington’s public transport; it’s just because I underestimated how long it takes to do the dishes. We should really get around to getting a […]

Glorious return for 2014 — the schedule!

It’s that time of year again, and here’s the schedule. Short aside — booking in person was even more terrible than usual this year. On the plus side, booking online was much, much better; in fact, I ended up booking online while waiting for two hours the queue to move any faster than 1 person/40 […]

Film Festival Day 16, 10/08/2013

This is it — the write-up of my final day of the Film Festival..  I saw 88 films, which is about one under par for me. (I went to Pacific Rim last night, which is why I’m still lagging behind with my write-ups.) Something that I forgot to mention in my write-up of Computer Chess […]

Film Festival Day 16, 10/08/2013

I’m going to do my best not to lose momentum, and actually finish writing up all the films I saw. 🙂 One of the things I like best about the Festival is bumping into people I don’t see at any other time — like various members of the illustrious Davie clan, who are always a […]