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Film Festival Day 17, 10/08/2014

The final day. At this point, both the ushers and my bank account start to look a bit more tattered than they were at the beginning of the festival. I am looking forward to having things in my life other than films, food, and sleep.  The possibility of seeing my wife without having to rush off […]

Film Festival Day 16, 09/08/2014

One of the things that the various doppelganger movies made me think about is the fact that my internal picture of myself is not very closely aligned with what I actually look like; if I saw my double, I might not recognize him.  I mean, in my mind’s eye, I’m the same shape I was […]

Film Festival Day 15, 08/08/2014

I’m writing this just as I’m about to run out the door for my last day of the festival.  Happy 40th birthday, Blair, Paul & Dee! * * * The Wonders is about a family (mother, father, 4 girls, and a woman staying with them) who are running a small embattled family farm and apiary. The […]

Film Festival Day 13, 07/08/2014

The top row of the “what bus is coming when” panel isn’t working at the Courtney Place bus-stop, which initially meant that I was pleasantly surprised by unexpected buses a couple of times, but now means I look at my phone rather than rely on the panel, which presumably isn’t what they intended.  It’s a […]

Film Festival Day 14, 06/08/2014

I saw a bunch of movies on this day that I find that I have a lot to say about; but I had no time to say it in on the day, and I started Thursday with a movie at 10:15am followed by a movie of more than four hours, so I didn’t have much […]

Film Festival Day 12, 05/08/2014

I remember when I started going to the Festival, every second film seemed to be presented in conjunction with Canal+. Nowadays, the pie-slap of Madman Entertainment seems to start more than half of what I see. Is it my changing tastes, the changing tastes of the programmers, or have they just gotten super-big?  Or maybe […]

Film Festival Day 11, 04/08/2014

Booking online for the Festival was great; the seats I was assigned are the very definition of the parson’s egg. Admittedly, some of this is due to the fact that I prefer the front row of the Paramount, which no algorithm can be expected to discern; but I booked pretty early, and in the first […]

Film Festival Day 10, 03/08/2014

I have 549 messages in my inbox, and more than 900 things in my download folder (albums, articles, novels and non-fiction, role-playing games and computer games).  I keep on thinking that I should take a day to simply try to get things organized, tidying both my physical library and on-line one… though perhaps thinking that […]

Film Festival Day 9, 02/08/2014

Weekends — I get to bring the car in, so I get home early, but I am much more likely to run into people I know, so I’m less likely to keep up with these entries.  Sorry, hypothetical readers! * * * I’m just going off memory, because I didn’t have any way to write […]

Film Festival Day 8, 01/08/2014

I have a horrible feeling that I sat next to someone I’ve met at Life After Beth, and completely failed to say, “Hello” or anything.  I did’t realize until a while after I’d sat down, and then it felt weird to swivel in my seat and try to stare at the person to confirm if I […]